New Science March Shirts 2017

Unless March For Science Shirts, If you believe that knowledge and evidence should be the basis for political decision-making and social development; if you believe that no one in the world, should be able to ignore, suppress, set aside, or deliberately misinform others about overwhelming scientific evidence, and about developments concerning the environment, climate, health, resource consumption and biodiversity that require action, then come along and join us,« it says on the website for the event.

Where To Buy Unless March For Science Shirt Official

Satellite Unless Marches for Science are organized also in Germany, to the model of the upcoming March for Science in Washington.

We stand up for the open civil society and for advocating more educational work in the broad population to counteract post-factual populist forces that are sadly on the rise again in politics and society.

We want to raise awareness for value of science as of the universal tool that discovers the truth in the ocean of contradictory information, guiding the society and politics in their decision making and thus securing the fundamentals of freedom, justice and humanity.

We want to draw attention to dangers brought up by science hostile populist forces, that misuse the notion of "alternative facts" to create their own "reality" compatible with their own political or ideological agendas, discarding or contradicting the facts obtained by non-political, non-ideological scientific method.

Volunteers and newcomers are always heartily welcome, please join in!

We created this group to help us organize better and get to know each other. Of course, volunteers and new are always welcome.

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